Writing desks

A solid, functional and stylish writing desk is a compulsory piece of furniture in every home. It will be used not only in the student room but also in the home office, bedroom or living room. Modern design and original aesthetics make the desks from the Simple, Light and Elegance Collections not only functional but also decorative, while creating the individual character of your interior.

Natural wood and steel – simple Scandinavian form
SFD’s signature is minimalist design – perfectly fitting into the interior of every modern home and apartment. Solid, smooth oak wood handcrafted in a way to highlight the natural features of the material, is the most characteristic part of our writing desks. The steel legs are available in a variety of colours. For Scandinavian functionality, we have equipped our desks with extra shelves and practical storage compartments to help keep your workplace tidy and organised.

Work at home that brings results
Very important when working at home is the environment. Well organised workplace will help you to work better and more effective. Just find an optimum, well-lit place in your apartment and put your chosen desk to meet your expectations. A comfortable armchair and adequate lighting combined with modern Scandinavian desks will make your work at home a pleasure, full of inspiration and peace of mind.

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