• Modern dining room table EM
  • Modern dining room table EM
  • Modern dining room table EM

EM dining table


Modern dining table
Up to 6 seats
Delivery in 8 weeks

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EM modern dining room table

Dimensions: L180 X W90 X H75 cm

– 1,0-3,5 cm thick, specially selected, smooth solid oak wood. It has various shades, dark knots and bright lines running along and across the tabletop. Each product is made to order and therefore, depending on the batch of wood, it also has its own unique features, colour and wood grain.
Impregnation – natural wood oil that gives wood its dark colour
– 1,0 x 5,0 cm steel section, powder-coated in matte black

Designer: Marcin Pingwara

Each product is made bespoke to each customer order. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

The elegant EM dining table with a very expressive form is characterised by excellent quality and sophisticated style. Designed with passion and made with the utmost care by our skilled craftsmen. The modern dining room table impresses with its subtle simplicity and beauty. The table fits perfectly with stylish interiors and contemporary trends in interior design. This is a proposal for those who prefer modern and extraordinary dining tables.

The wooden tabletop is made by hand from natural oak, finished with natural wood oils, giving it a deep dark chocolate colour. Its surface is pleasantly smooth and the edges have sharp lines. The middle part of the tabletop is 3.5 cm thick and it’s only 1 cm around the edges. Therefore, the solid oak wood seems to have an unprecedented lightness, without losing any of its durability and strength.

The base of the table is a steel structure consisting of perpendicular two metal frames. This intriguing solution provides convenience of use and facilitates moving around the table thanks to the abandonment of conventional legs on the corners. This is especially convenient when the table is placed next to the wall. However, the table looks best in the middle of the room. Perfect for the dining room and open plan living room combined with a modern kitchenette.

Think simple. Think natural.

Dimensions 180 × 90 × 75 cm
Frame colour



dark smooth oak wood

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