The chairs in classic style combined with modern Scandinavian furniture design are now very popular. Icons of furniture design history integrated with modern materials and craftsmanship. A chair inspired by the Eames project – designers who created a universal and timeless form – is a great example. The DSW was the first ever factory made dining chair made of plastic. It was designed in 1950. The combination of a plastic backrest with geometrical legs proved exactly what customers in the whole world want.

Scandinavian style
Scandinavian chairs stand out with their very simple form – they are comfortable, functional, fit into any living space. They will be perfect in the kitchen, at the dining table, and at the writing desk. Chairs designed in Scandinavian styles signature is a combination of modern, minimalist forms with natural materials. The wooden parts of the chairs are made of high quality materials. A true decoration of the classic interior.

Timeless design
Inspired by the icons of 20th-century design, we offer you both proven and innovative designs for your home. By choosing a chair model created by professionals in the field, you can be sure that it will be exceptionally comfortable and durable – while serving and decorating the interior of the home for many years.

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