The modern design of our wood furniture is a guarantee of functionality and original style. The manual treatment of solid oak leaves the unique wood grain and the beautiful natural texture on the surface. The shelves and bookcases available are built using modern, industrial metal structures, which give them a contemporary character. Take a look at our offer of multi-functional bookshelves, among them an intriguing BONITO bookcase.

Multi-functional bookcase BONITO
Since all furniture is made by hand, we can match their size to your needs. You also choose the type of wood finish and the colour and texture of the steel frame. The versatility of our furniture allows them to fit in any space and combining them with different interior styles. BONITO bookcase is a perfect high-quality furniture for home library, living room or  dining room. Innovative wooden-steel construction brings an individual and charismatic spirit to the interior.

For home, office and shop
The modern and industrial design of SFD bookcases, with its light, openwork construction and functionality, make our furniture very popular not only in home interiors. With great success, they can be placed both in a modern office as well as in a stylish shop or gallery to display products.

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