Get to know our great passion and authenticity in what we do.

We want to reveal to you the most authentic and everyday aspects of the SFD brand. Get ready for the unpublished materials showing our way to find the foundation of design in hand-made applied art.

At SFD we are not afraid to get our hands dirty – our engagement and passion for what we do, allows us to forget about such a trivial details. Our furniture is 100% handmade by skilled craftsmen. We have great respect for their work and this way we also want to reward their efforts. We would like you to get to know us better and feel the foundation of our business. In the next blog-posts of this series we will try to define, even more precisely, the soul of the SFD brand and convince you to us!


At SFD, we’re not afraid of hard work. Each of our furniture is made with the total commitment of the whole team. A 💧 of sweat? For us it is a determinant of satisfaction and realization in our common passion.


Our tools serve us very bravely. Presented hardened drill has to struggle with really tough metal frames. Our furniture is always made of the highest quality materials. We’re not taking the easy way out, it’s just all in a day`s work !


Follow our blog, for sure you won’t regret it. We also invite you to read other articles about the scandinavian style, exciting memories from our trips to the Nordic countries or even our thoughts that will allow you to get closer to the SFD brand.

Artur Bienko
SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign

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