Shelf – BELL


100cm – 65 EUR (+shipping)

150cm – 85 EUR (+shipping)

Delivery time: ~ 30 days

Dimensions: 100 x 20 x 2,5 cm or 150 x 20 x 2,5 cm

Shelf – selected, solid oak, reclaimed wood.

Impregnation – natural, wood oil

Frame – steel, powder coated.

Brackets – complete mounting with plastic grilles white. Capacity up to 25kg. Complete lack of plugs – their type, diameter and length should be selected according to the type of wall.

Shelf – the easiest and one of the most needed items in our homes and homes. Check both in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or office. Individually or in a set.

Think simple. Think natural.

Each product is made bespoke to each customer order. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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