Bookcase – SMUKKE Black

345.00 EUR  (+shipping)

Delivery time: ~ 30 days

Dimensions: 209 x 34 x 31cm


Shelf – selected solid oak, reclaimed wood

Impregnation – natural, wood oil

Frame – made of steel, powder-coated in matte black

Ladder bookshelf SMUKKE Black has a simple and modern design. It’s consistent of five levels and the steel frame and is very easy to set up. The product does not require mounting on walls or floors. The shelves are made of oak that was originally intended to recoil. Instead, the most beautiful pieces of wood were carefully chosen to make the shelves, that each has a unique wood grain and knots. Simple form with beautiful details.

Ladder bookshelf SMUKKE Black can be used at home – living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office furniture, as well as in the office or as shelf exhibition in the shop. Minimalist design make it easy to combine SMUKKE Black with other pieces of furniture and a modern interior.

Think simple. Think natural.

Each product is made bespoke to each customer order. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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